Beach Towel Block I (War Rug Print) Sold Out - $ 50.00


Beech Brand was created by like minded individuals from California associated with skateboard and surf culture looking to improve the functionality and style of a towel.

Our functionality is that ourtowels surface have a Revolutionary Antimicrobial Technology, called Beech Shield, to help prevent the growth on a wide array of odor and stain causing bacteria, fungi, mold, mildew, algae, and is Environmentally Friendly.

Our Beech Shield stays activated up to 100 washes. Beech Brand has added a new type of towel weave called Dual-Strength, to help make a stronger, quicker drying towel and is treated with Beech Shield Antimicrobial technology.

COLOR: War Rug / Natural
30" x 60"
 360 GSM