DELTA BLOCK II by Willliam Strobeck
photo by: William Strobeck 

Director and Filmmaker William Strobeck lends his artistic direction to our best selling DELTA bag. Bill has been supporting Bravo since the beginning, moving the internal camera organization to accommodate his HPX, fisheye, and accessories, fitting his needs for travel and documenting to create films such as "CHERRY" and "BLESSED", released by Supreme over the past years.

We caught up with Bill last month during the COVID-19 lockdown, to provide context to the following conversation.

(BRAVO) Thank you for taking the time Bill, let's get right to it and talk about the Bag. You've been running the DELTA for a long time, what drew you to it originally?

(WILLIAM STROBECK) What's good man, What drew me to it originally is the size of it. I was running a lowe pro bag for years and I liked the color and shape of it, but it was pretty big, so I hit up Atiba to send me the Delta bag in the mail and I liked it. Was a little confused with how it opens in the back, but got used to it and really makes sense to me. I think it's more comfortable than other bags, and was a perfect bag for what I need it for.

How have you modified your version of the bag to work for you?

I moved some padding around to fit my stuff in, I liked the bag already so I didn't wanna start from scratch and create a new one. I wanted to make the process as quick as possible, and ya'll had the samples to me within a month or we got to it quick.

Influence on the color way?

As for the colorway, I was sick of seeing everyone with the same color bag, and I felt like I'd love to take my bag off at a spot and know which one was mine right away. I've literally grabbed other peoples bags before, thinking it was mine, so I did the same with my cameras in the past when I filmed at Love Park: I had three VX1000's so I decided I wanted to paint one flat black so I could have my own thing. I've always been a weirdo like that. I've also ruined a camera from spray painting it before haaa... Anyway I had a few ideas but chose to have a cheetah, leopard style print as I've never seen a bag like that.. it's subtle though, I didn't want it to be too flashy on the outside, but it's alarm red on the inside and I love that I can see all my stuff properly.

How much gear do you normally travel with?

Seriously not that much, I try to keep it light as possible. Camera, Lens and maybe a Photo Camera. I hate lugging a lot of shit around... I'm like the first one to get to a spot so I can take my bag off. haaa

Ever had gear / footage lost or stolen over the years?

Yes, actually while I was sleeping in a hotel room in Cincinatti, had someone break into my room while I was asleep and steal my 16mm and clothes and money... but they left the one bag that happened to be my camera bag. I've also left my bag at restaurants before and walked out and drove away... fortunately they were always there when I went back.

Have you been working on projects at all during Quarantine? Whats next?

Yea, just little ideas, been going thru archive footage and been out skating a few times at night. Now more than ever, it's like come up with a plan and execute it... I've been taking this Covid stuff serious as well. I wanna be a good example as much as I can... And by doing so I hope to see this shit change quickly and we don't have to wear masks and can all kick it again...

World is going crazy right now, stay safe ya'll!